Sizzlers from Jo Bamboo Samosir - Sumatra Indonesia

      Jo Bamboo restaurant on Samosir island

On Samosir, Sumatra, we went to a lovely local restaurant and had a tasty sizzler. In India, the term "sizzler" is used for a type of restaurant or cuisine featuring western-style grilled meats and vegetables served on a hot iron plate (similar to the plate used for fajitas). To make it sizzle a mixture of oil and water is applied to the wooden base, only oil is applied to the entire iron plate and heated strongly over a flame and food is served hot.when the hot iron plate is placed over wooden plate having oil and water mixture they splutter to make that sizzling sound. Steak is any cut of meat than can be enjoyed using a dry cooking method (broiled, grilled, fried) such as a Filet Mignon, Ribeye or NY Strip with minimal connective tissue or sinew, as opposed to a cut that must be cooked using a wet method (braised, stewed). Sizzler is to steak as Dell is to computer. Samosir Island is located in Lake Toba, a large crater lake in northern Sumatra. At 630 square kilometres – slightly smaller than Singapore – Samosir is the world’s largest island within an island. The island was born of a pair of dramatic prehistoric volcanic events, and was technically a peninsula until 1906, when the Dutch dug a canal through the narrow isthmus that attached it to the mainland.

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MAR 03, 1999
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