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TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
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The life of Pol Pot

hi mr. marcel!! yah..i know you’ve been there. can understand your shock and horror seeing those rows after rows of skulls ‘n bones.

» Posted By parvez On 10/2/2009 @ 21:57

if pol pots Kampuchea can be called a ‘utopia’, i don’t know what the heck a dystopia is. lucky, being a communist he didn’t have a belief in after life. but us, believers, wish he burns in hell for killing so many of his very own people.

» Posted By parvez On 10/2/2009 @ 21:05

The Boy With Divine Powers in Nepal

being able to fast is not easy. i can’t do the ritualistic fasting either. can but it proved very hard for me before. so sort of given up. think, it requires sort of training..meaning, you need to start it from young age. and keep doing it year after year…so at one stage you don’t feel the pain of hunger much. but you try it suddenly….it’s mighty hard. anyway. good to see you little mermaid.

» Posted By parvez On 10/2/2009 @ 22:57

yah. not eating due to faith, what we call fasting is one thing. you fast for several hours may be 8/10/12 hrs. but this guy hadn’t been eating or drinking for days and it was on camera!! no joke…whether it’s faith or something else.

» Posted By parvez On 10/2/2009 @ 22:03

saw this buddha boy on discovery channel. “for the next dozens of hours… no visible means of food/water being passed to him, nothing to suggest any foul play at all.” he probably gets his energy by some sort of photosynthesis like trees do!! is he an alien then or a human look-alike mutant? x-man??

» Posted By parvez On 10/2/2009 @ 21:24

Grigori Rasputin

welcome to australia…where wonders never cease!

» Posted By parvez On 10/2/2009 @ 22:49

your whole blue alien face may be!! 😉

» Posted By parvez On 10/2/2009 @ 22:37

yah. he chose his own lifestyle. who are we to judge!! but is that true that they cut his penis and preserved it in a jar of formalin? i happened to bump upon a pic allegedly of his penis. didn’t look like it could be a human thing though!!!!

» Posted By parvez On 10/2/2009 @ 22:22

he’s very intriguing due to his alleged sexual exploits of tsarina than his so-called healing power and political influence. isn’t it?

» Posted By parvez On 10/2/2009 @ 21:46

Secrets of the Mayan Underworld

a very merry christmas to you mr. marcel. and to gertie and little mermaid esther.

» Posted By parvez On 23/12/2008 @ 01:30

Icons of evolution

for eugenie scott to call roger dehart a ‘high school teacher’ who shouldn’t be presenting new scientific theories (for/against evolution) to his students just because they’re just ‘high school’ students sounds so funny. even though she brags as being a ‘scientist’, she sounds more like any fundamentalist who opposes any attempt of thier view/beliefs being questioned.

if creationism can be questioned, darwinism can be questioned as well. that’s what it should be and that’s what roger dehart attempted to do. kudos to him.

» Posted By parvez On 14/8/2007 @ 09:05

Ho Chi Minh

:laughtb: that’s what i guessed too, it must have been mr. marcel. thanks for sharing your respective roles gertie. this proves yet another time what a selfless guy mr. marcel is! he intently waited for the fisherman to catch a fish so that you could have a good fish meal. i’m sure you rewarded his such generous attitude by sharing your meal with him, didn’t you gertie? :laughtb:

» Posted By parvez On 11/8/2007 @ 20:50

thanks for the nice post card mr. marcel and gertie. the scenic beauty pretty much resembles with that of ours. beautiful postcard!

by the way, there is a white man on the postcard standing afar watching the fisherman catching fish. was that you mr. marcel? :laugh_tb:

» Posted By parvez On 11/8/2007 @ 06:37

Obsessed & Scientific

suppose you had a time machine, mr. marcel, and got only one option – you could either travel into the past or to the future and back. where would you go- past or future? and if its a one way journey would you still be going there or change your mind and go to other direction? (considering you’d be able to go to specific point in time of your choosing – past or future).

» Posted By parvez On 29/6/2007 @ 22:38

Happy Birthday

i’m joining the chorus as well: a very happy birthday to dear gertie. :clap_tb: :thumbup_tb:

» Posted By parvez On 20/6/2007 @ 15:46

A world without water

:laugh_tb: i’d prefer bourbon ‘n coke. but brandy is cool, absolutely nothing wrong with that. :drunk_tb:

» Posted By parvez On 27/6/2007 @ 05:20


» Posted By parvez On 24/6/2007 @ 21:24

you have a solution mazalien? well, i’ll believe you if you say you’d take me to your home planet when we, earthlings, are no longer able to cope with water crisis. i’m saved then. but please think of the rest of the humanity (except the politicians) as well. it would be great if you could kindly accommodate all of us and we promise we wouldn’t start any war in your planet cos we’d leave all of those jerks here to face the music. :rolleyes_tb:

» Posted By parvez On 23/6/2007 @ 21:54

another world war and over water!! the future seems to be too grim! god help us. :help_tb:

» Posted By parvez On 21/6/2007 @ 22:18

Undercover in North Korea

as soon as their bandages are removed and they were able to see agian, all the patients rushed to scream their praise to the ‘dear leader’. that’s alright, who am i to question the devotion of north korean people to their dear leader! but what surprises me the most was..not a single patient thanked the good doctor for his effort. it couldn’t get anymore farcical. i’m flabbergasted!

» Posted By parvez On 28/6/2007 @ 05:52


skinning an animal while its still breathing…what could be more shocking than this! any sane person would be mortified to see the extent of animal curelty in this video. even then i’m not sure if this video would be much of a motivation for me to ultimately give up animal diet altogether. what a greedy loser i am, like so many other fellow ‘earthlings’!

» Posted By parvez On 11/8/2007 @ 10:58

For Esther

poetic or not… i consciously tried not to sound like a “teacher” and give “words of encouragement” to essy girl. that’s something i’m not much capable of or entitled to do. all i tried was to give esther some sort of comfort and point out to her of her inner strengths which she can and will definitely use at this juncture of her life. ‘cos i know of those, just tried to remind her that fact.

gertie and mr. marcel, your genuine compliments are gratefully and gracefully received. :smile1_tb:

» Posted By parvez On 5/6/2007 @ 11:20

in one of our msn conversations, esther asked me to describe herself in 5 adjectives. it’s been quite a while and i’m not sure if she can still recall that conversation but this is how i described esther : friendly, honest, sympathetic, truthful and outspoken. i was not exaggerating or it was not at all my intention to flatter her ego but trust me, i found all those attributes in her. she’s always been genuine to me, she’s a wonderful human being.

now that you say, she’s on a crossroad … i kind of understand, she’s having those bitter pangs of growing up, she’s sort of apprehensive ‘n perhaps little traumatic choosing from alternatives …having discomfort trying to ‘fit the pieces’. all these are happening ‘cos our little mermaid is now confronting life head on, challenging reality and trying to get the big picture. as you fittingly said, ‘she’ll work it out’…i too am convinced, she’ll come out of all these and fit all the pieces together again. all i can say is, esther is not alone in her struggle to getting to know life….she has the most loving dad in the universe and she has the most trusting freind, gertie.

go ahead, little mermaid. fit the puzzle, recreate your destiny. you are bigger than anything than that can happen to you. :smile1_tb:

» Posted By parvez On 3/6/2007 @ 20:34

superb song! you feel empty in your heart, you feel sad and melancholic …yet if you close your eyes you can see the glow and feel the warmth of a firefly. wonderful gift from a wonderful dad.

beautiful pic. how exceptional our little mermaid looks in the midst of nature deeply engrossed in her own!

5 for the song. 500 for the pic. :smile1_tb:

» Posted By parvez On 2/6/2007 @ 23:02

Inside Bohemian Grove

what they do in their private property is their business. whether they burn human effigy or perform pagan rituals, driniking and running around naked are none of anybodys concern (including jones) as long as they do it in the privacy of thier enclosed property and don’t voilate any law.

» Posted By parvez On 14/8/2007 @ 09:18

Angkor Wat

aha!!! so mr. marcel is in the group as well. ain’t i relieved to hear that!! now don’t worry gertie. sit back and rest easy. you sure won’t have to be trapped inside the apartment!! when your :tongue1_tb:”girlpower’ fails, and :tongue_wink_ee: it sure will, mr. marcel is sure to be there to save the day!!! :laugh_tb:

» Posted By parvez On 5/6/2007 @ 11:33

come on, gertie! please don’t ridicule mr. marcels concern. you see how over protective he is about you!! :tongue1_tb:

» Posted By parvez On 3/6/2007 @ 21:08

Louis Theroux – South Africa

very interesting video. intrigued to see there are still people with such tunnel visions.

» Posted By parvez On 14/8/2007 @ 12:26



» Posted By parvez On 30/11/2006 @ 21:59

The Real Da Vinci Code

couldn’t watch the whole documentary, mr. marcel. can you kindly suggest any link where we can see the whole of it?

» Posted By parvez On 30/11/2006 @ 23:33

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