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TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
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Rubicks Cube

I like you too Esther… let’s see if we can get to know eachother even better during our next intercontinental broadening of the horizon, whether it will be with or without Tibetan praying flags…

» Posted By hanny On 7/7/2006 @ 16:20

Hanny also has the original cube, somewhere on my attic…shall I take it along for some free time during our chora around the holy Yamdruk Tso lake in Tibet? :clap_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 5/7/2006 @ 09:50

Maza the photographer

Anyhow…during our next intercontinental broadening of the horizon the four of us will take extra good care of eachother! And that’s a promise :idea_wp: :mrgreen_wp:

» Posted By hanny On 29/6/2006 @ 13:22

Gertie and her new Nikon D50

Bit late to join the club….but I am really impressed with Gertie’s new camera and I am the lucky one who will share rooms and tents with Gertie coming Summer! :clap_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 19/6/2006 @ 12:24

Nikon D – 200

I fully comply with the last remark Gertie! Congratulations are in order (already)! But hopefully there is nothing wrong with me working with a Contax RXII analog camera?!

» Posted By Hanny On 1/6/2006 @ 11:08


Thanks for taking good weather back to the Netherlands (we also enjoy nice temperatures since last week Wednesday) and good luck in getting back to daily routine!

» Posted By hanny On 9/5/2006 @ 12:35

Big Dog

Wish the both of you a well deserved sunny break away on Zakynthos, in thought part of me tries to join you! Special greetings from Hanny :drunk_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 28/4/2006 @ 14:30

New design

Dear webmaster….congratulations with the professional upgraded design! Have been too busy once again, cannot check every day….hope Esther is still alive as well?! Special greetings from “down under” !

» Posted By Hanny On 13/4/2006 @ 12:11

Faith in Exile: The Lesson of Tibet

Dear Parvez & Marcel, aren’t we in the west thinking and acting with an amazing quantity of butter on our heads… (not to mention yakbutter), there is potentially a lot of money to be earned in China, so we tend to close our eyes for human rights issues, the same way we treat countries like Birma?!

» Posted By Hanny On 4/4/2006 @ 12:27

Tempel of Love

Dear webmaster: are visitors to you weblog kindly requested to add any comment?

» Posted By Hanny On 23/3/2006 @ 11:05


Dear webmaster: did I show you a close up picture (slide) of a hummingbird near the grave of Maria Reiche in Peru?

» Posted By Hanny On 17/3/2006 @ 13:33

Happy birthday Hanny

I like to ventilate my sincere gratitude for all those warm birthdaywishes :clap_tb: :kiss_tb: Very very special especially since Parvez including you are so special people, muy sincero, muy sympathica / sympathico and hasta luego soon inch’allah! :bye_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 23/2/2006 @ 13:09

Dear webmaster and supportgroup! Thank you so much for remembering my birthday and full sure I onlt feel one day older since yesterday…. Nice to see that even fans in the Peoples Republic of China are having a special party (there are even people in China who expect to see me back one day, like Richard Tsang in Lanzhou, the local Baobab travelguide). Please don’t forget to have a drink or two today. Hope to see you around soon! :dunce_tb: :jittery_tb: :drunk_tb: :king_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 22/2/2006 @ 13:11

Fun Cats

In Birma there is a monastery of the jumping cats you can find along lake Inle, will send you a jpg soon and see what the cats can do when properly instructed by the monk! :ponder_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 24/1/2006 @ 11:27

The Wall

Webmaster: would you like a jpg from the Great Wall taken in 1999? :bye_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 13/1/2006 @ 14:07

Going to extremes

Places like Samarkand and Tashkent in Uzbekistan, Bishkek and Osh in Kyrgyzstan, Palmyra in Syria, Kashgar in Xinjiang China and Mandalay in Birma also experience effects of the global greenhouse effect! By the way the weather experienced in Gizah Egypt between 25th. of December and January 2nd last week was about what could have been expected in wintertime :drunk_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 12/1/2006 @ 14:04


I have seen a lot during my 22 days travel through Myanmar, but I am sorry to say I missed out on these figures Gertie :doh_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 9/1/2006 @ 12:08


In Myanmar google does not work…

» Posted By Hanny On 5/12/2005 @ 13:59

Potosi – Bolivia

But the webmaster of my cybercafe in Mandalay wrote “see you” signing his latest reply to my e-mail…And Mandalay is situated quite the opposite direction… :help_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 28/11/2005 @ 16:44

Remoualdo in El Presidente is expecting us too; that is to say if he has not yet retired… :thumbup_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 28/11/2005 @ 16:43


Dear Parvez, the word Sahara means desert in Arabic, in Morocco they know the erg, serrir and hamada, the sand, gravel and rock desert. Thanks to the theory of platetectonics even the Netherlands experienced a wet tropic climate in the Carbon-era about 320 million years ago, and we have Permsalt deposists which are helpfull for keeping a lit on natural gas. Greetings from a Dutch geography teacher, by the way in Australia I think you also have camels?! :furious_tb:in the Great Victoriadesert :down_tb:?!

» Posted By Hanny On 21/11/2005 @ 10:27

Ancient Peru News

Paracas weavery and brainsurgery is also an interesting subject, maybe next time on our way to Remualdo in Hotel El Presidente in La Paz and my friends at Alpaca’s Best in Cusco we can also visit the Paracas penninsula, pre Inca like Tiwanaku! Not to forget to visit Birma too :rolleyes_tb:Smileyfactory number one :unsure_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 18/11/2005 @ 22:23

Hello…Hanny fra Sverige is calling :lol_wp: I still the prefer the Moche pottery, I think the pieces we saw Summer 2004 in the National Archeological Museum in Lima are simply the best :doh_tb:and I mean very human! Very creative too.

» Posted By Hanny On 18/11/2005 @ 22:19

La Paz

Dear webmaster: usually you don’t have any problems in cashing compliments… :tongue1_tb:

» Posted By hanny On 14/11/2005 @ 10:51

Misa Criolla

Dear Maza: you will also like the extra compilation of Mercedes Sosa evergreens you received yesterday, after watching a selection of slides from Myanmar! Have a good time, nice week at work and we will meet again! :mrgreen_wp:Please don’t forget to read the book “The land of the green spirits”!

» Posted By Hanny On 6/11/2005 @ 20:19

Venice Masquerade

Nou Gertie, ik kan dit weekend wel effe een gescande dia sturen, niet al te groot format, zo je wilt een frontaal close-upje van het door jou begeerde dodenmasker van Tutanchamun…Of eentje waarbij ik gebiologeerd een van de sarcofagen van Tut sta te bewonderen! Je laat het maar weten :thumbup_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 28/10/2005 @ 16:03

Mag het ook een masker uit Cairo worden Gertie :rolleyes_tb: :doh_tb:?!

» Posted By Hanny On 25/10/2005 @ 13:39

Rik op reis

Ontdek nu pas dat er nog iemand reageert op de bijdrage! Leuk zeg! Soms duurt het even voordat de Birmese kyat valt….

» Posted By Hanny On 2/11/2005 @ 14:15

Op 5 november hoop ik in Waalwijk iets van het Birmavirus te kunnen rondstrooien…Natuurlijk hadden we in 2004 een spectaculaire Zuidamerikaanse adventure, maar Myanmar is toch ook echt klasse apart hoor :bye_tb:

» Posted By Hanny On 14/10/2005 @ 15:18

Travel video’s

Webmaster, ik word er stil van…je nieuwe pc heeft blijkbaar vele mogelijkheden: muchos trabajos?

» Posted By Hanny On 6/10/2005 @ 13:07

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