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TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
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The Boy With Divine Powers in Nepal

i respect fasting…

though i couldnt do it..
in 1 day i eat for two…
i mean, i couldnt survive!

» Posted By esje On 10/2/2009 @ 22:45

Grigori Rasputin

omg, sound like a deal!

» Posted By esje On 10/2/2009 @ 22:41

Blue Man Group – Live

WHAAAAA!!!! I want to go there!!!
maybe in november, winkwink

» Posted By esje On 2/5/2008 @ 21:23

Kjarkas – Bolivia

daarom luister ik er niet zoveel na..

» Posted By esje On 21/11/2007 @ 21:30

Happy Birthday

lets sing all together!
if the beatles can do it, we sure can too! maybe even better 😀

:drunk_tb: happy birthday gertie! and many more years! :clap_tb:

» Posted By esje On 20/6/2007 @ 19:42

For Esther

hm youre all so sweet.
thank you all for the peptalk
i whish it would helped clearing all the mess in my head!
but ill keep everyting in mind
i really apreciate it all!!

love, esther

» Posted By esje On 6/6/2007 @ 21:45

dank je pap.
je bent heel lief
kusje esje
p.s. mooie foto ook 🙂

» Posted By esje On 2/6/2007 @ 19:30

Battle of the Brains

als dat haar hersnenen waren waren ze wel hangerig en scheef!

» Posted By esje On 6/6/2007 @ 21:46

The Miracle in the Ant

hij doet ut niej?!

» Posted By esje On 19/1/2007 @ 21:07


can you imagine what sounds we make on thursday?
then we have “expression-lessons”
aerobics, danceclass and stuff like that
20 people hahah

» Posted By esje On 30/11/2006 @ 21:21

im not sure, i can imagine some other places where ive heared it 😉

» Posted By esje On 29/11/2006 @ 21:15

hey daddy
if i turn you upside down
will you make such funny noises too?

» Posted By esje On 29/11/2006 @ 20:58


i have played this over and over and over and over and…

» Posted By esje On 29/11/2006 @ 20:59

Attractive bee

Yuk! :blink_tb:

» Posted By esje On 1/10/2006 @ 18:38

Gloria – Misa Criolla

Great, just great!

» Posted By esje On 15/9/2006 @ 19:14

Video glasses

hm im really interested in how it works..
well dad arent you? maybe we should buy one 😉

» Posted By esje On 1/10/2006 @ 18:40

New supernova

hi dad!
i just read the book “the langoliers” of stephen king (of cours translated in dutch :P)
well ill never forget the sory.
and also now when they find a new supernova or something im wondering, maybe the langoliers live bihind it..
who knows!
*sigh* it sounds really stupid.. i know..
but im not the only one who think like that, otherwise stephen wouldt have written that bookk :sleep_tb:

» Posted By esje On 1/10/2006 @ 18:43

Are you bored?

i kknow this movie, but what i still want to know…

» Posted By esje On 31/8/2006 @ 16:33

Stephen Hawking

dont be embarassed!
somethimes i think you should go write articles in a newspaper of wrte a book, you can write so good 🙂

» Posted By esje On 31/8/2006 @ 16:36

Tibetan monks

Again dad!
good job!!!

» Posted By esje On 25/8/2006 @ 18:07


» Posted By esje On 25/8/2006 @ 18:06

Sakya monastery – Tibet

Ha Cees!!!

wat leuk dat je ook een berichtje plaatst!
das echt tof!!!
hoe gaat het?
nou ja inderdaad, we zullen het artikeltje wel zien he!!!

liefs esther :clap_tb:

» Posted By esje On 6/9/2006 @ 21:07

Faces of Tibet (part two)


» Posted By esje On 15/8/2006 @ 11:35

Faces of Tibet (part one)

Im Not sure 😛


» Posted By esje On 14/8/2006 @ 09:48

Home again

what are you saying gertie, ofcourse we didnt miss him too :tongue2_tb:
you must be touched by the sun and the altitude

» Posted By esje On 14/8/2006 @ 09:49

A thousand years

thank you parvez, thats so sweet!!!

» Posted By esje On 14/8/2006 @ 09:53

Beard Championship

well dad i see, youve got a lot to learn with your mustache!
parvez, woulnd you like to have one like these :lol_tb:

» Posted By esje On 14/8/2006 @ 09:55

Food battle club

hm dad, we should make a siencetrip trough japan. and then well search for these things and all those weird gadgets..
yahh think thats a good plan, will you join us parvez?


» Posted By esje On 12/7/2006 @ 13:01

Cool Vehicles

i like that one too parvez haha that lil blue one haha
though i like cars like these more 🙂 :drunk_tb:

1. http://www.theguildofautomotiverestorers.com/images/1967%20Cadillac%20120401-4.jpg

2. http://www.valenticlassics.com/images/1955%20CADILLAC.JPG

3. http://clabedan.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/mini_van_volkswagen.jpg

you know 🙂

» Posted By esje On 12/7/2006 @ 12:59

10.000 !

whaah your on your way gertie but youve got a l0ng one to go hahaha

» Posted By esje On 12/7/2006 @ 13:04

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