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TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
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Me too my dear….

» Posted By Webmaster On 3/1/2012 @ 19:43

The flowers of my life

I love you to…..

» Posted By webmaster On 30/10/2009 @ 23:42

Dag Moeder, Dag Oma

Iedereen bedankt voor alle reacties en kaartjes.

Oma van de Zande

Esther en Marcel

» Posted By Webmaster On 31/3/2009 @ 22:31

Om Mani Padme Hum

Namaste Gertie.

I tried to transfer the video from our wild trip to the pc but still no succes… maybe later. I think you know wich wild and colorfull drive I mean…

» Posted By Webmaster On 9/1/2009 @ 21:56

The life of Pol Pot

Hi there my dear friend Parvez….
I have been there.. you know, on Killing Fields. I saw Tol Sleng better known as S 21, the Khmer Rouge Killing Machine, the camp where they tortured people, I saw the thousands of skulls of little children and woman, I saw the graves and the torture tools…. I saw the devastation. Pol Pot was called “number One”. Perhaps you would like to see documentary ( http://www.mazalien.com/the-life-of-pol-pot-cambodia.html) of the trial of Nuon Chea, brother number two, he was second in ranking of the Khmer Rouger, he was called pol Pot’s Shadow, and he is what has been said even more evil… This is a very confronting documentary from “frontline”.. greetings Maza

» Posted By Webmaster On 10/2/2009 @ 21:36

The Boy With Divine Powers in Nepal

Parvez, Esther and I have been to a very exclusive restaurant in Kathmandu-Nepal called K-Too and had a very sweet and tasty “backpackers-steak”. When we saw this documentary we could not believe that people even do not eat because of there faith. And yet we respect every faith, but cannot understand sometimes the implications of certain faiths we have seen during our travels.

» Posted By Webmaster On 10/2/2009 @ 21:53

Grigori Rasputin

Australia, HERE WE COME!

» Posted By Webmaster On 10/2/2009 @ 22:45

Yes Yes! Just like they did with Albert Einstein’s brain which they cut in slices to understand how his brain was working….. (by the way wich part of me can I sent over to Australia?)

» Posted By Webmaster On 10/2/2009 @ 22:27

Parvez, he was also known as the Mad Monk, although he was not actually a monk.
Rasputin was a controversial figure, leading a scandalous personal life with his mostly female followers from the Saint Petersburg high society, he was frequently seen picking up prostitutes and often drank himself into a stupor.. But what the hack…… Long live life! Or not…?

» Posted By Webmaster On 10/2/2009 @ 22:09

Secrets of the Mayan Underworld

Parvez…..!!!!!!!!! what a surprise :clap_tb:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you…
and I hope to hear from you sometime in 2009….Okay?


» Posted By Webmaster On 23/12/2008 @ 08:37

Hugo Chavez: Inside the Coup – La Cadena

Kathy, probably, but the fastes way is to download them from Youtube:


» Posted By Webmaster On 19/10/2008 @ 15:30

The Havana Cigar

Perhaps you forgot it Gertie, but the webmaster of Mandalay also wants to see us back…. :ponder_tb: so its gonna be a difficult choice this year.

» Posted By Webmaster On 17/2/2008 @ 20:29

Well Gertie, Cuba reminds me too much to, free translated, a burned (roasted) cuban… , if you know what I mean… :furious_tb:

» Posted By Webmaster On 15/2/2008 @ 19:49

Kjarkas – Bolivia

Volgend jaar weer nieuwe kansen. Wat jullie…..

» Posted By Webmaster On 22/11/2007 @ 21:00

Obsessed & Scientific

Parvez, I know the past. And things in the past are cleared out to be so complicated that I rather would know the future. But only then, and only then I would go if I could take some precious people with me. So beam me up, Scotty…….

» Posted By Webmaster On 3/7/2007 @ 19:58

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Gertie! :drunk_tb:

» Posted By Webmaster On 20/6/2007 @ 17:24

A world without water

Lets drink a brandy than, at the feet of Ayers Rock…

» Posted By Webmaster On 3/7/2007 @ 20:00

Esther and I would gladly come over an help solve the problem Parvez….! And in the mean time if there is a lack of water, drink coke instead…

» Posted By Webmaster On 22/6/2007 @ 21:29

Undercover in North Korea

Kim Jung Il is at this moment one of the most unpredictable people with power. That is, power in the wrong hands. Also the doc has a kind of power. That is, power in the right hands.

» Posted By Webmaster On 3/7/2007 @ 20:03

China blue

This is strange: You are willing to pay for a movie, and only rate it 4 out of 5? Woman are defenitely from venus…..

» Posted By Webmaster On 15/6/2007 @ 20:03

For Esther

I think Parvez is a poetic genius!

» Posted By Webmaster On 4/6/2007 @ 20:25

@ Parvez, you know Parvez, Esther is on a crossroad in her life and she does not know wich direction to choose…. “the pieces in her life don’t fit anymore” … But she will work it out, i am sure.
Glad your back . Maza

» Posted By Webmaster On 3/6/2007 @ 11:36

Angkor Wat

When I need help, I sms to Parvez, because a man who can write phrases like he do, can save me with words…….

» Posted By Webmaster On 4/6/2007 @ 21:25

It is time to ban Gertie again….. pfft girlpower

» Posted By Webmaster On 4/6/2007 @ 20:25

Yes gertie, Parvez is right, we don’t think you are so brave…..

» Posted By Webmaster On 4/6/2007 @ 19:52

Thats fine with me, you know Gertie, this country is very dangerous for woman alone.. ! I think you should stay in your appartment… :ponder_tb:

» Posted By Webmaster On 3/6/2007 @ 11:56

I wish I could come with you…. :cry_tb:

» Posted By Webmaster On 3/6/2007 @ 11:38

Bolivias child miners

You know Gertie that we actually saw this children in those mines. 6 7 year old. Even an adult in europe does not work so hard, and for much more wages. Also the altitude of the mine 4000 m must be a problem I think. But remember, what we saw in Tibet and China was no better….

» Posted By Webmaster On 2/5/2007 @ 13:05

Frida Kahlo: Portrait of a Woman

A good book? You mean a dokters romance? Pulp? :devil_tb:

» Posted By Webmaster On 3/2/2007 @ 22:10

This weblog has grown so big that I needed to hire som staff to keep all the sites up to date, and by the way, what would you do else with your spare time? Laying lazy on the couch? :nono_tb:

» Posted By Webmaster On 31/1/2007 @ 20:54

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