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TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
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Comments Posted By Gertie

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The Eyes Of Buddha

Hoi Marcel,
hopelijk heeft de operatie het gewenste resultaat.
Een voorspoedig herstel gewenst!!

» Posted By gertie On 19/1/2010 @ 00:47

Dag Moeder, Dag Oma

Marcel / Esther,
mooie woorden ter nagedachtenis aan je moeder / oma.
Koester de fijne herinneringen aan haar.
Veel sterkte!


» Posted By gertie On 30/3/2009 @ 21:00

The Himalayan Dwellers

Hey Marcel,
a beautiful documentary …. I loved it :wubtb: Thanx!!
And I also loved the post of Yatra (Cambodja – Java – Bali) … very nice!!!
It all brings back good memories of our visits to Tibet and Cambodja…. :grin1
…. What will come next :ponder_tb: ????

» Posted By gertie On 8/3/2009 @ 14:11

Om Mani Padme Hum

nice blog, Marcel …. it brings back beautiful memories… :wub_tb:

» Posted By gertie On 9/1/2009 @ 20:35

Secrets of the Mayan Underworld

Hey Parvez,
nice to hear from you. :bye_tb:
Merry Christmas to you and all the best wishes for 2009.


» Posted By gertie On 24/12/2008 @ 09:23

The silver mines of Cerro Rico

Ik had Devil’s Miner al in de bioscoop gezien in 2005; maar de film blijft ook nu nog steeds indrukwekkend, nu ik het weer zie…
het heimweegevoel naar Bolivia / de Andes steekt weer op….


» Posted By gertie On 1/12/2008 @ 21:51

The Havana Cigar

why difficult….. we’ll go 3 weeks to Mandalay first, and then fly to Havana for the next 3 weeks…. :innocent1tb:

» Posted By gertie On 17/2/2008 @ 22:02

Sure I know what you mean….. :tongue_laugh_ee:
I knew you were going to refer to the burned ones :lol_ee:
But by going there ourselves someday, we can make our own memories from Cuba and Cubans (burned or not….), and I’m sure that our own memories can easily overrule all the other ‘forced’ impressions… :cool2_tb:

» Posted By gertie On 16/2/2008 @ 00:56

Hey webmaster,
and when are you planning to try a real Cuban cigar yourself?
(while sitting in the Cuban sun off course, listening to Cuban music, and having a good Cuban drink)

Just tell me, and I am willing to accompany you…..

» Posted By gertie On 14/2/2008 @ 19:54

Kjarkas – Bolivia

inderdaad……; :smile2ee:
de eerste gids is al binnen….. het uitpluizen kan beginnen :bye

» Posted By gertie On 23/11/2007 @ 21:34

‘t is en blijft steeds heerlijke muziek om naar te luisteren; al luisterend komen mooie herinneringen weer snel naar boven :grin1_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 21/11/2007 @ 19:50

Ho Chi Minh

Of course, Parvez, I offered to share my fish-meal with him. Don’t doubt that….. :smirk1_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 12/8/2007 @ 00:22

Good to hear that you received our postcard, Parvez.
About your question: That white man must have been Marcel, watching out if the fisherman catches the best fish, so that I can have a perfect fish-meal :winkee:; That’s how our roles are devided…. :tonguewink_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 11/8/2007 @ 12:43

Hey Marcel, thanks for this video. After my trip to Indochina, it is even more interesting to watch this video about the life of Ho Chi Minh.

» Posted By gertie On 10/8/2007 @ 11:49

Happy Birthday

Thanks for the wonderful song and all of your wishes…. :grin1_ee:
And what an honour that mr. Einstein himself remembers my birthday…. he surely’s a genius!!
a birthdaydrink is wating for you here… so just ring at my doorbel… and I’ll open the door…. :smile1_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 20/6/2007 @ 19:04

A world without water

and what’s wrong with brandy ?

» Posted By gertie On 25/6/2007 @ 18:19

China blue

pffhh… you cannot expect me to rate every post 5 out of 5 :smirk1_ee:
Let’s say … I missed the free popcorn… :tongue_wink_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 15/6/2007 @ 20:33

I was planning to go and see this film in the filmhouse in Breda last april/may, but I had no time to go at the evenings it played, because of work or other obligations….
So thanks, webmaster… now I can watch it anytime I want… :wink_wp:
What a life those young workers have… pfhh…. ; that makes it all the more clear how lucky we can be with our working-life here… :ohoh_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 15/6/2007 @ 19:48

The Mayas – Digging for truth

Thanks for this post, webmaster!
Indeed a very interesting story about the Mayas and the cenottes.
It brings back all the nice memories of my trip to Mexico in december 1995. We then visited Palenque and Chitzen Itza too, both very beautiful and imprissive Maya-sites….. Watching this video-film, it felt like I was there again….
We also visited one of the underground cenottes in Yucatan, but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to go into the christalclear water….
So thanks to you(re video) I could take a good look in the cenotte under water…. :smile1_ee:
The Maya-story is a very interesting one…. Mexico is a beautiful country to visit, and also is Guatemala, I think. Maybe someday… I will visit some Maya and/or Inca sites again in one of my future trips…
I think you would like it too very much….

» Posted By gertie On 4/6/2007 @ 22:26

For Esther

I totally agree with you, Marcel :smile1_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 4/6/2007 @ 20:29

Parvez… I have to compliment you about your wonderful and touching way of writing your comments…. You have the gift of touching people with your comments….and saying the right things that are necessary at those special moments….
It moves me….. :smile1_tb:

» Posted By gertie On 4/6/2007 @ 20:15

PS….. and for sure it’s a beautiful picture… of a beautiful and lovable girl and a wonderful surroundings. :wub_tb:

» Posted By gertie On 3/6/2007 @ 10:45

indeed…. a wonderful song ….. a perfect choice.
It indicates once more the bond you have with each other…
in good times and bad times….. that’s what it’s all about :smile1_ee:

Nice to see that you’re ‘back’ again, Parvez… :bye_tb:

» Posted By gertie On 3/6/2007 @ 10:43

Angkor Wat

let’s just hope your mobile works in Indochina….. :rasberry_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 4/6/2007 @ 21:36

just wait and see till YOU need help ….. :smile2_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 4/6/2007 @ 20:30

Pfhhhhh….. where’s your trust in me and in ‘girlpower’? :lol_ee:
We’ll see…. time will learn…
And because Marcel is one of the two men in my travel-group, he will be the first to know whether I’m brave or not in case of emergency :tongue_wink_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 4/6/2007 @ 20:08

Your concern is not necessary, Marcel. I can take care of myself very well :smile1_ee:
But in case of emergency: I have heard that there are 2 men in my travel-group, who also travel alone…. so I am sure they will protect me too…

» Posted By gertie On 3/6/2007 @ 12:34

Tja……I’ll tell you everything about it…. as if you see it with your own eyes, ok? :wink_ee:

» Posted By gertie On 3/6/2007 @ 11:50

Imagine….. within 2 months … seeing it with my own eyes….. :smile1_tb:

» Posted By gertie On 3/6/2007 @ 10:48

Bolivias child miners

Hey webmaster!
This post brings back memories of our trip to Bolivia in 2004 (as if it were yesterday) and our visit to Cerro Rico (Potosi) and also to the impressive documentary-movie ‘The Devil’s miner’ I saw in 2005 about the hard circumstances of many Bolivian children and their families who work in the Bolivian mines. ….. How tragic…. what a life….. :downer_ee:!!!!
But also: how moving to hear about the ‘dreams’ of those children…. who just want to have a future.and being able to study …..


» Posted By gertie On 1/5/2007 @ 22:47

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