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Archive for May, 2011

BBC – NORTH KOREA out of the north

BBC WORLD NEWS – KOREA: out of the north, a full length documentary about the lives of North Korean stowaways, going out from North Korea and going to the neighbor country China.

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BBC – NORTH KOREA out of the north
(Video hosted on Youtube.)

the documentary faces not only one case study, but various people. most of the stowaways are working at the near provinces of China to make a living. some goes to the extent of selling their bodies as sex workers, posing a Chinese-Korean so that no will know that they are illegally settling in China. the documentary also shows the struggles of North Korean just to go to South Korea. there are two ways of getting to South Korea illegally from North Korea, first is if you have money, you can make a fake Chinese passport, go to Bangkok and go to the South Korean Embassy. or if you don’t have money, you can take the train to the boarder of Laos and China, then take a 3 days hike up on the mountains going to the Mekong river (the boarder of Laos and Thailand) and cross the river and go to the South Korean Embassy. a grueling 10 days.

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