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Archive for March, 2010

Tropic of Cancer

TROPIC OF CANCER … starting on BBC2 during March 2010
Simon Reeve embarks on his most ambitious journey yet, circling the world following the line that marks the northern border of the earth’s tropical region. This epic trip completes Simon’s trilogy of journeys exploring the tropics, after his acclaimed series Equator and Tropic of Capricorn, and is his toughest, longest and greatest challenge a 6x60min journey around the extraordinary TROPIC OF CANCER.

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(Video hosted on Youtube
Tropic of Cancer – Simon Reeve

tarting on the paradise beaches of Mexico’s Pacific Coast, Simon follows the Tropic of Cancer almost 23,000 miles east on a journey blending travel with current affairs. It is a thrilling adventure with a clear purpose: to explore the northern edge of the Tropics, the most important, beautiful, turbulent, endangered and violent region of our world.
Simon heads east across the Caribbean, the Sahara, crossing borders in North Africa closed to foreigners for decades, and then on through the deserts of Arabia and the remote jungles of Asia, to finish in Hawaii. He visits 18 countries, meeting amazing people, witnessing bizarre and beautiful sights, and encountering spectacular and endangered wildlife.

In Mexico Simon is put through his paces by a masked female wrestler, while in the Bahamas he uncovers the suffering of Haitian refugees. North Africa is full of surprises, from a long forgotten civil war to a vast scheme to extract millions of gallons of water from underneath the desert. In the jungles of Burma he meets villagers struggling to survive under brutal oppression.

This new series has a strong current affairs theme, as Simon explores some of the huge challenges facing the Tropics, including poverty, the drugs trade, climate change, industrial pollution, and forgotten conflicts. But it’s also a spectacular travelogue, taking Simon and viewers to some of the most remote and beautiful places on earth. The 22,835 mile long Tropic of Cancer marks the northern border of the Tropics, the region of the planet with both the richest natural biodiversity, and the greatest concentration of human suffering. Tropic of Cancer marks the culmination of Simon Reeve’s TV journeys around the Tropics, together comprising more than five years of research and filming. The new series investigates poverty, the drugs trade, climate change, industrial pollution, and a forgotten war – but it is also a spectacular travelogue. Simon circles the planet, crossing the Sahara, the deserts of Arabia, the jungles of Asia, and borders of North Africa that have been closed to foreigners for decades.

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