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Archive for January, 2008

Hawaii’s Last Queen

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n January 16, 1893, four boatloads of United States Marines armed with Gatling guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition came ashore in Honolulu, capital of the independent Kingdom of Hawaii. As the Royal Hawaiian band played a concert at the Hawaiian Hotel, 162 troops marched through the streets of Honolulu, heading for the palace. The Queen of Hawaii, Lili’uokalani, looked down from her balcony as the troops took up their positions. The following day, she surrendered at gunpoint, yielding her throne to the government of the United States. A provisional government led by wealthy white sugar growers assumed control of Hawaii and petitioned the US for annexation.

Kim’s Nuclear Gamble

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hile U.S. forces scour Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, and as the fate of Saddam Hussein remains unknown, thousands of miles away the U.S. faces another dictator, North Korea’s strange and reclusive leader, Kim Jong Il, and another — potentially more serious — crisis.

In “Kim’s Nuclear Gamble,” FRONTLINE traces the delicate maneuvers and clumsy turns that have brought the world to the brink of a nuclear showdown in East Asia. Through interviews with key insiders — including former cabinet secretaries, U.S. ambassadors, diplomats, and negotiators — the one-hour documentary examines the highly unstable relationship between America and North Korea and the question of what to do about North Korea’s determination to develop nuclear weapons.

For 10 years, threats, deceptions, and diplomatic ploys have shaped U.S. relations with the isolated “Hermit Kingdom.” Complicating relations between the two nations, analysts say, is a fundamental lack of knowledge about one of the world’s most isolated countries. A highly militaristic communist nation, North Korea has been teetering on the verge of economic collapse for much of the last decade — a period during which aid officials estimate that up to 2 million North Koreans died from famine and starvation.

Such dire economic circumstances contribute, observers say, to North Korea’s fear and suspicion of free-market superpowers like the United States and to its desire to arm itself with a nuclear arsenal. Furthermore, the economic situation has led Pyongyang to rely more and more on one of its only sources of hard currency — the export of ballistic missiles — a proposition that greatly alarms the Bush administration in the post-Sept. 11 era.

“Kim’s Nuclear Gamble” traces the highs, lows, and crisis points during the past decade of U.S.-North Korean relations, beginning with Pyongyang’s announcement in 1994 that it planned to reprocess fuel from its nuclear reactor at Yongbyon — a move that would have given North Korea enough plutonium to make five to six nuclear bombs.

From: PBS Frontline

Seven wonders of Egypt

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gypt is famous for its ancient civilization. It’s also a top destination for some of the world’s most famous sights and monuments. Get the scoop on the seven wonders of Egypt. From the amazing Pyramids of Giza to the incredible Temple Luxor, these are wonders to add on your to-do list when traveling in Egypt. This is a documentary which uncovers the mysteries of Ancient Egypt’s Pharaohs and brings to life buildings as the Egyptians would have seen them. Features considerations of the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut, Karnak, Abu Simbel, Mount Sinai, Sphynx and The Pyramids of Giza.

The story of God

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he Story of God is an epic journey across continents, cultures and eras exploring religious beliefs from their earliest incarnations, through the development of today’s major world faiths and the status of religious faith in a scientific age. The series examines the roots of religious beliefs in prehistoric societies and the different ways in which humanity’s sense of the divine developed. It looks at the divergence between religions that worship a range of deities and those that represent strict monotheism.


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ver since days of old, poison has been the tool of spies & secret agents. Death could be painful & prolonged or almost instantaneous. Even in this day & age people are being poisoned. It’s medieval, but the assassin’s oldest weapon is in fashion again.

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