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Archive for July, 2007

Endgame: A Future Scenario for Israel

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A future scenario for The Place of Judgment, the Middle East.
Are we on course to a doom scenario? What are the scenarios for the Near East in the forseeable future? Tension in the Middle East is mounting again, as political decisions in both the United States and Iran are now being taken by neoconservatives. ‘Both places have idiots in charge’, states colonel Lawrence Wilkerson. And the weapon of mass destruction scenario has been dug up again, this time for Iran. PLans of attack are being made and pre-emptive strikes are being considered. Backlight presents an ominous future view on the Middle East, the Place of Judgment. For ‘Endgame’, director Marije Meerman has gathered opinions and attitudes from the US, Israel and Iran concerning Israel’s near future. Could the possible US withdrawal from Iraq herald the destruction of Israel? And will the pro-Israel stances of the presidential candidates affect their chances? How will any rethinking of American foreign policy impact on the region?

Backlight spoke to: Martin van Creveld (Israeli military historian), Tony Judt (British historian), Brigitte Gabriel (Christian Lebanese emigre), Lawrence Wilkerson (former chief of staff to Colin Powell), Etgar Keret (Israeli writer), Anoush Ehteshami (British-Iranian political scientist) and Richard Perle (American neoconservative). This episode also features Ahmadinejad, pastor John Hagee and Barack Obama in an attempt to illustrate the frontlines of a possible Third World War. Could the increasing tension regarding the escalation of the conflict lead to a self-fulfulling prophesy?

Research: William de Bruijn
Director: Marije Meerman
Source: VPRO

China – The rise on the world stage

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The surge of China on to the world stage has been called the single most important geopolitical event in this century. Will the nation of nearly 1.3 billion be a force for good or ill in world affairs writ large? What are the challenges of integrating China into a stable and secure world?

The Great Decisions Television Series is a thirteen show series broadcast each year on PBS stations nationwide. Each show brings together experts on a specific topic in order to examine all sides of a foreign policy issue. The 2005 Television Series features the eight topics from the Great Decisions briefing book, as well as five election specials. This year’s series is hosted by Peter Krogh, Dean Emeritus at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.


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Video hoste on Google.

Tour the mightiest mountain ranges, starting with the birth of a mountain at one of the lowest places on Earth and ending at the summit of Everest. One of Earth’s rarest phenomena is a lava lake that has been erupting for over 100 years. The same forces built the Simian Mountains where troops of gelada baboons live, nearly a thousand strong. In the Rockies, grizzlies build winter dens inside avalanche-prone slopes. The programme also brings us astounding images of a snow leopard hunting on the Pakistan peaks, a world first.

A world of information

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(Video hosted on: Google.)

The University of Hawaii investigates the world of information, communications, the media, and technology; and its effects on society and culture through interviews with scholars, United Nations officials, media critics and TV news professionals. Subjects tackled include the battle over media ownership; the controversy over international copyright law; the state of American journalism; and the media’s impact on culture. – ResearchChannel is a nonprofit media and technology organization that connects a global audience with the research and academic institutions whose developments, insights and discoveries affect our lives and futures

Trabant, the plastic buddy

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his month it is 50 years ago that the first Trabant came out of the factory. The place Zwickau, former DDR, was the center of the car industry. The love for the Trabant in Zwickau is still enormous. The former employee still works on his Trabi every Saturday, and the former director technical service is still glum about the fact that a car is capable of so much but didn`t do so well in the West. “Zwickau was the center of the car industry when Volkwagen didn’t even existed.”

(From Holland Doc.)

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