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Archive for March, 2007

Man vs Wild: Costa Rican Rain Forest

(Video hosted on Google.)

earn life-saving survival skills in some of the toughest, most treacherous environments on the Earth with a man no stranger to extremes, Bear Grylls. Drawing upon all his experiences as a soldier, mountaineer and seasoned adventurer, watch as Bear strands himself in popular wilderness destinations. Armed with a few supplies and the clothes on his back, see how he claws his way back to civilization while demonstrating survival techniques along the way.

Bear heads into the rainforest of Costa Rica during the rainy season. Out of the million that visit each year, about 100 need rescuing each year. Bear parachutes in with a knife and a water bottle. Bear knows that with the thick canopy he is going to get stuck in the braches and make his way down somehow. He moves as far down his chute ropes as he can and falls the rest of the way. He continues on without taking anything from his chute.

Bear wants to find a steam or river to follow out and knows the best way to do this is to head downhill into the valley. As he is heading downhill he warns not to clutch at branches, as they may be snakes that you are grabbing. It is about 85 degree and very humid. Bear is losing a fair amount of water that he knows he must recover. As Bear is walking along he runs into a very deadly snake. He gives the snake plenty of space as he moves on. Bear decides to climb the tallest tree around to get above the canopy to look at the terrain. Bear sees a depression in the jungle that he thinks could be a river. He moves down the tree and heads towards the possible water source.

As Bear heads downhill he runs into very thick ground cover and vines. His knife doesn’t really work at cutting through the growth. He is cut up and blistered as has hardly made any progress. Bear realizes that he can’t travel through this stuff and works on getting to the stream another way. He soon hits water and will follow the stream down. Bear takes his chances and drinks the water without boiling it. He feels that it is clean but doesn’t know for sure. Bear comes upon a large steep waterfall and knows that it will take too long to walk around looking for another way down so he goes and gets some vines. Bear ties/braids the vines together and to a tree to climb down. Bear makes it safely down and continues downstream. Bear knows that he needs to have a sharp knife to make his shelter for the knife so he takes a local quartz and crushes it up as much as he can. He then takes a branch and removes the bark. He rubs the crushes stone onto the bank and it sticks. Bear rubs his knife along it to sharpen it. As he is doing this he sees a poisonous dart frog, he knows it is poisonous because of its bright colors. Bear says that in the jungle it is not worth spending energy on hunting as there are plenty of plants to eat. He finds some garcinia for dinner. Bear stars work on his shelter for the night. He looks for a clearing so he doesn’t have to worry about falling trees. He also wants an area free of ants. He uses a stick to move the ground cover as snakes and scorpions usually won’t cross open ground. Bear makes a simple lean-to lashing trees together with vines and covering it with leaves. The air is thick with mosquitoes and Bear knows they are not only annoying, but can carry disease. He finds a termite nest and he eats a bunch before preparing to light the nest on fire as the smoke from this it will keep the mosquitoes away. As Bear has no flint he uses the bow and spindle method to start his fire. This method takes Bear over an hour to get started. At about 2am Bear is awoken with horrible stomach cramps and vomiting and diarrhea. Bear think that it is probably from some animal feces that he may have had contact with, but is not sure. He feels that the water is safe, but not wanting to chance it he boils more in the morning to replace the fluids that he lost.

Bear knows that there are many plants in the forest that can act as medicine if you know what you are looking for. He is on the quest for a milk plant which has sap that is nature’s milk of magnesia to help settle his stomach. Bear must back track 1/2 a mile, but knows it is worth it at this point. Bear warns that plants can also be poisonous so unless you are 100% sure of the plant, do not sample it. Bear knows that with his sickness he needs to get food to build up his energy. After he builds his shelter and fire for the night he makes a torch with camphor and goes fishing. He gets some crayfish for dinner. He almost has a fish but it gets away at the last minute. During the night there is a terrible rainstorm and Bears shelter doesn’t hold up under the weight of the rain.

As Bear continues along the water, the stream turns into a river with very flooded banks. He knows the fasts way down the river is to float down. He breaks down some balsa trees. The bark is flexible and the wood super light and very buoyant. Bear lashes the trunks together with the strips of bark and heads off. As Bear heads down he starts into mangrove and he knows that he is getting closer to the sea. He also feels the tide getting stronger and pulling him faster. Bear worries about the current so he heads to the side and tries walking through the mangrove. Bear moves almost nowhere and is wasting a lot of time, plus he is worried about what is in the water. He heads back to the raft and continues down the river. Soon he is swept out to sea. Bear tells you not to fight the current when this happens, just ride it out and soon the tide will bring you back to shore. Bear arrives safely and up the shore a few miles he sees lights and knows that he is safe.

The People of the Flame

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(Video hosted on Youtube)

ran is one of the earth’s final frontiers. It’s a country little visited by western travellers in recent years, yet it has been at the centre of world affairs for millennia. I wanted to take a peek “behind the veil” of modern-day Iran. What I discovered was a complex, incredibly hospitable people living in a much-misunderstood country at the heart of a troubled region. My journey takes me from the bustle of Tehran, via the Valley of the Assassins to ancient cities unchanged since Marco Polo first entered them eight centuries ago. But this isn’t just a journey through an ancient landscape. It’s a journey in search of one of the world’s least known religious sects … the ancient Fire Worshippers Of Yazd.

Man vs Wild: African Savannah

Learn life-saving survival skills in some of the toughest, most treacherous environments on the Earth with a man no stranger to extremes, Bear Grylls. Drawing upon all his experiences as a soldier, mountaineer and seasoned adventurer, watch as Bear strands himself in popular wilderness destinations. Armed with a few supplies and the clothes on his back, see how he claws his way back to civilization while demonstrating survival techniques along the way. More than 100,000 Americans visit Kenya each year in search of a safari. However, what they don’t know about life in the wild can kill them. Join Bear as he surveys the Kenyan landscape from a hot air balloon, from which he parachutes down onto the arid plain. Upon hitting the ground, he’s immediately surrounded by rhinoceros, lions, leopards, elephants, and buffalo. Traveling across the African plains, watch as Bear demonstrates pivotal survival skills including how to build a tent from natural materials, trap small birds, and maneuver through dense riverbank vegetation to reach his eventual rescue.

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Louis Theroux Weird Weekends

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FOs: Louis has a close encounter with a community of hardcore UFO believers in the South West of America – but not even an illicit foray into the ultra top secret Area 51 military base and a garbled message from the planet Koldas can answer all his questions. Louis theroux’s calm, humble and ordinary approach to documentary making has captured him a cult following over the past few years on BBC2. Starting out with Weird Weekends he travelled the world seeking out the most obscure and obsessive sub cultures imaginable. He has more recently moved onto the “when Louis met…” series of interviews where he immerses himself in his subjects lifestyle and gives us a much truer picture of them than we have ever seen before. The success of his documentaries has proven that the public cannot get enough of the darker (and sometimes plain oddball) side of life and the unique way in which Louis Theroux brings this to the screen. For me he is one of the freshest documentary makers around and I would challenge anyone not to enjoy his programmes.

Louis Theroux likes weird people, which is just as well. The gangly presenter or “weirdo correspondent”, as he calls himself, is returning to TV screens with a second series of his Weird Weekends. In his last series Theroux scoured the American fringe for oddballs, meeting porn stars, UFO-watchers and obsessed survivalists. Most interviewees seem to melt in the presence of his polite and sincere questioning but it is often hard to see how he keeps a straight face.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

hat’s the truth about Global Warming? Global Warming is indeed real, but does it have more to do with the natural cycles of the Sun rather than Man-made C02? “We’ve almost begun to take it for granted that climate change is a man-made phenomenon. But just as the environmental lobby think they’ve got our attention, a group of naysayers have emerged to slay the whole premise of global warming.”

You can find more over Global Warming over here….

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