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Archive for June, 2006

At last a ticket of BMG!

Orb web


NCIENT ORB WEAVERS, like the work of the Araneoid spider (Argiope trifasciata) shown above, may have originated as far back as the Jurassic period. Recent genetic and fossil evidence points to a single orb weaver ancestor that probably lived at least 136 million years ago. Two modern day groups of spiders, the Deinopoids and Araneoids, build orb webs. Most arachnologists believe the two groups probably had a common ancestor, but because Deinopoid silk is dry and Araneoid silk is coated in a sticky glue, there has been some debate. A paper in the current issue of Science confirms that the two spider groups share key silk genes–evidence of a common ancestor. A separate paper in the same issue describes fossilized web fragments from the Jurassic period, encased in amber, which could be the work of such an ancestor.

Source : Science paper.

Maza the photographer

An action picture of Maza :


100 $ hamburger

hundred dollar hamburger

hioke Carter carries the three types of meats used in the 20-ounce, $100 slab of ground beef, billed as the ‘beluga caviar of hamburgers’ Tuesday, June 20, 2006 at the Old Homestead Steak House in Boca Raton, Fla. The burger combines the most expensive cuts of beef from the U.S., Japan and Argentina. A hundred bucks might buy you more than six dozen burgers from McDonald’s, but the swanky Old Homestead Steakhouse will sell you one brawny beef sandwich for the same price. Boca Raton Mayor Steven Abrams could barely speak between bites as he devoured the 20-ounce, $100 hamburger billed as the “beluga caviar of sandwiches.” “Heaven on a bun,” restaurant owner Marc Sherry said. The burger debuted Tuesday at the restaurant in the Boca Raton Resort and Club, where a membership costs $40,000 and an additional $3,600 a year. “We’ve never had a hamburger on our menu here so we really wanted to go to the extreme,” Sherry said, calling it “the most decadent burger in the world.” At about 5 1/2 inches across and 2 1/2 inches thick, the mound of meat is comprised of beef from three continents — American prime beef, Japanese Kobe and Argentine cattle. The bill for one burger, with garnishing that includes organic greens, exotic mushrooms and tomatoes, comes out to $124.50 with tax and an 18 percent tip included. The restaurant will donate $10 from each sale to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The Boca Raton Resort and Club

he Boca Raton Resort and Club is one of the most exquisite, exclusive and thoroughly unique resorts the world has ever known. A true legend in South Florida, over the course of its long and distinguished history, the Resort has consistently sought to bring together the finest in art and architecture, comfort and cuisine, design, service, leisure and fun to create a magnificent and private bastion of luxury, elegance and indulgence. Situated on 356 acres in fabled Boca Raton, Florida, the Boca Raton Resort & Club is a truly complete resort offering all of the amenities, facilities and services found at the finest properties in the world. Defined by its five distinct styles of contemporary accommodations, vast array of recreational activities, gourmet dining options and sophisticated meetings and events facilities, the hotel offers a resort experience unsurpassed anywhere in South Florida. Designed by legendary architect, Addison Mizner over 80 years ago, this truly remarkable piece of history continues to evolve. Recently, an array of impressive additions and renovations have brought new vibrancy, warmth and life to the property and made the Boca Raton Resort & Club better, brighter and more impressive than it has been at any time in its illustrious past.

Happy Birthday Gertie !


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