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TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2017
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Pilanesberg NP


lion 2

ast week I made a short trip to South Africa. I visited the Pilanesberg NP. The Pilanesberg National Park borders on the entertainment complex of Sun City. The park is 55.000 hectares in extent. It is almost perfectly circular because it comprises the area of a 1200 million years old volcano crater with a small lake in the centre. This very scenic terrain lies in the transition zone between Kalahari and Lowveld, and both types of vegetation are found here.

he Pilanesberg National Park was opened in 1979. In the “Operation Genesis”, the largest game resettlement project in the history of South Africa, in the early eighties more than 6,000 animals from other parks were settled here. In 1993 lions from the Etosha National Park (Namibia) were introduced to the park, despite grave concerns of the surrounding communities. Since, the lions have been thriving and nicely multiplying in the park. A similar action with cheetahs from Namibia unfortunately failed. In the Pilanesberg National Park today live virtually all the animal species of southern Africa, including, lions, elephants, white and black rhinos, buffaloes, leopards, zebras, hyenas, giraffes, hippos and crocodiles. Over 300 bird species were counted.

he roads in the park (some 200 kilometres) are not tarred, but very well maintained and can be travelled with a normal vehicle. There are various types of accommodation available in the park: two restcamps with chalets, three restcamps with safari tents and some luxurious lodges and hotels. The park offers a number of wonderful picnic spots, numerous hides for game watching, huge walk-in aviaries, safe hiking trails, safari drives at night and flights over the park in a hot-air balloon. I had a great time in the Pilanesberg NP. Because of the rainy weather, we didn’t spot as much animals as we hoped, but nevertheless, it was a fantastic experience. Have a look at the following photos I took there….

impala gazelle 2
impala gazelle


Webmaster 29-03-2006, 07:21

Gertie, I don’t believe that you made that picture of that lion yourself….. :lol_tb:

parvez 29-03-2006, 09:02

:laugh_tb: indeed gertie! that picture of the lion is so lifelike. it sure was a daring attempt to take a pic from so near (if not zoomed in from afar). no..no…i’m not suspecting of anything, but you see, the way mr. marcel is laughing is making me laugh too :laugh_tb: . you know, laughter is contagious. that’s why i’m laughing. no other reason, trust me. :laugh_tb:

esje 29-03-2006, 16:18

well, i DO believe gertie 😛
i believe she cutted this picture out of a cataloguw her self 😛
Just kiddin 😛

i like you (K)


Gertie 29-03-2006, 17:38

Hihi, all jealous remarks …. :tongue_laugh_ee: …. you all wished you had been there too, to watch that lion yourself …… and to make that picture …… :lol_tb:

And I’ll tell you a secret: I was able to make that picture because Esther borrowed me her super photocamera (+ telelens) ….. so in a way it’s not only my photo, but also hers …… I just pushed the button, haha.
So thanks again Esther …..

parvez 30-03-2006, 06:16

see mr. marcel, what gertie has accused us of? :doh_tb: no, gertie, no. we are not jealous! only girls can be jealous. boys have no idea how it feels to be jealous… it’s an exclusive property of girls. no mr. marcel? we, the boys who love the girls so very much, never get jealous! :cool1_tb: it’s just that sometimes we tend to raise our eye-brows a bit at the achievement of a girl. that by no means a very big issue. :innocent1_tb: no mr. marcel?

and you see gertie, how easily you gave half the credit to esther! you did it not because you borrowed her camera but because she’s a girl too…your kind. as mr. marcel and myself being boys, we got nothing! :wallbash_tb: moreover, we got ruthlessly blamed of being “jealous” for our very innocent little doubt. :huh_tb: how discriminating girls can be!! :tongue1_tb:

Webmaster 31-03-2006, 15:04

I could not more agree with you Parvez, woman always say YES when they mean NO. By the way did you already saw her latest picture made on her game-drive ?
See below…

esje 31-03-2006, 15:16

hey dad,
i didnt know you were there too, i didnt missed you :S
how fast were you?!

:ponder_tb: :lol_tb:


Webmaster 31-03-2006, 15:19

And Esther Guess who has to clean this toilet with Elephant Dung? You naughty girl!!! :clap_tb:

esje 31-03-2006, 15:23

you always taught me to clean up the mess you make yourself..
so, im sorry..
youre on your own now :thumbup_tb:

parvez 31-03-2006, 16:28

ow! this very civilized elephant seems to have constipation! try harder, big fella.
and don’t worry about the mess. just do your own thing. esther will be right there to clean it up. :lol_tb:

what a pic you took, gertie!! full credit to you and esther – 50% to you for taking the pic and 50% to esther for so willingly agreeing to clean up the mess. :lol_tb:

esje 31-03-2006, 17:17

well,parvez, you seem to have no problems with it, so, why dont you help mr marcel?

Webmaster 31-03-2006, 17:20

Thanks Parvez, I needed some backup here beacause upbringing those tempestuous youngsters is a hard task, and only understand by man…

esje 31-03-2006, 17:24

you just cant handle us,
but you dont dare to say it 😛

parvez 31-03-2006, 18:29

no, dear esther. i don’t have any problem with this. otherwise, i wouldn’t give you and gertie FULL CREDIT, would i? see how generous boys are! they can give credit where credit is due! no mr. marcel? :lol_tb:

gertie 31-03-2006, 23:15

well, well, well my dear friends :bye_tb: …… what a vivid debate this articel has evoked …… a debate between the boys and the girls ….. almost like the debates in Tibet, only in the Tibetanian debates they don’t seem to have so much fun …..probably because there are no girls to keep it so full of laughter, what do you think Esther ……. haha :lol_ee:

And mr. marcel and mr. parvez …….just don’t think you can take a rise out of us girls by telling that only girls can be jealous, and that we always say yes when we mean no ……… :smirk1_ee:
yeah ….. by making such statements you TOTALLY convinced me that you boys are truly innocent and generous….. :innocent1_tb: :tongue1_tb: …… :lol_tb:

Marcel, thanks for publishing the photo I ( :tongue_rolleye_ee:) took of this elephant ……… you all can feel so lucky that you only have to watch at the photo … I was there to make the picture …… can you imagine how it smelled out there ??????

Esther …. as always brave and naughty in your comments …… I suggest we boys and girls all go there together to see if there is some mess to clean up ….. we will manage it in no time ….. and it’s so much more fun to do it together …. :laugh_tb:
And then we can finally meet you ‘in real’, Parvez …. that would be nice … :clap_tb:

parvez 01-04-2006, 04:44

sure we said, girls could be very jealous at times. but we never said, you couldn’t be intelligent and witty. thank you very much gertie for your very intelligent remark and essy girl for her witty comments.

what a great idea it is to be there together and meet the big fella! mr. marcel and myself can’t wait, i assure you. and as you mentioned about the ‘smell’…well, me and mr. marcel would do the all the hard work of smelling and you two nice girls would do the easy job of cleaning. it’s a deal then, alright gertie? :laugh_tb: :lol_tb:

gertie 02-04-2006, 08:51

Well Parvez, because the smelling will be such a hard work for you boys :flush_tb: …. :flush_tb: , I am willing to do the easy :rolleyes_tb: job of cleaning…. but only because in that way we all can go there together …… so in my opinion …. we have a deal. Now let’s wait what Marcel and Esther decide….. and then ….. let’s go !!

Webmaster 02-04-2006, 11:48

Gertie, I am waiting for your exclamaitionmark before I decide….. :bye_tb:

gertie 02-04-2006, 13:25

pffffh Marcel …. teaser …. :tongue1_tb: I’ll just let you wait a little while, haha ….. but I promise you … you’ll be the first to know ….. (and to receive that exclamaitionmark) …. :bye_tb:

esje 03-04-2006, 10:15

ill follow my dad :wacko_tb:

Webmaster 04-04-2006, 22:59

Hear Hear Esther…. FOLLOW YOUR DAD… !!!!


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