Hassan II Mosque - Morocco

May 27 2014

A few years ago we travelled through Morocco. We landed with our plane in Casablanca. In this city the Hassan II mosque is situated. It was designed by the French architect Michel Pinceau and is the second largest in the world (after the Shah Faisal Mosque near Islamabad). It is sited on a promontory looking out to the Atlantic, which can be seen through a gigantic glass floor with room for 25,000 worshippers. A further 80,000 can be accommodated in the mosque’s coutyard. Its minaret is also the world’s tallest at 210m. Work on the mosque was commenced in 1980, and was intended to be completed for the 60th birthday of the former Moroccan king, Hassan II, in 1989. However, the building was not inaugurated until 1993. It was built on a reclaimed embankment, inspired by the verse of the Koran that states ‘the throne of God was built on the water’. It is the only mosque in Morocco open to non-Muslims, for a fee. A mosque is a place of worship for followers of the Islamic faith. Muslims all over the world often refer to the mosque by its name in Arabic, masjid (pl. masajid) (Arabic: ????—). It is important to note that mosque in English encompasses both masjid and j?mi`, the latter referring to bigger mosques, minarets usually being used as a distinguisher.

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